Art is one of the most effective ways in creating a deeper comprehension of social issues via emersive experiences that trigger a strong sense of empathy. This short French film takes its viewers into a parallel universe where the tables are turned in an intriguing gender-play - a world where women are not just empowered, but unbearably dominant and irrationally aggressive. When I watched this I found the first few minutes amusing but quickly begun to realise there was much more to it. The actor playing the harassed man has done an excellent job expressing the fear and anxiety many women face simply walking down the street or standing up for themselves. The female actors have done an equally brilliant job with their over-bearing demeanour, crass body language and crude vocabulary. It makes you wonder about the motives behind street-violence against women - perhaps it is more about putting women in their place and 'gender-policing' than just raging hormones.

A true master-piece, this mini-movie is a must watch!