'Like A Girl' has been the pre-fix of many condescending statements I've heard throughout my life - often directed at guys as well.

'Don't shoot like a girl'

'He cried like a girl'

'You run like a girl'

Why do we equate being a girl with being frail, over-sensitive and weak? When did being a girl become insulting? How come being feminine signifies inferiority in any way?

Society today is ridden with gender biases. Marketing research shows that if advertisements pitch products as more male-oriented then women will still buy them but vice-versa, you loose majority of your potential male clientèle. Maybe it's time to redefine the paradigm, changing what it means to be a girl.

This campaign launched by Always intends to do just that. The commercial they created delves into the psychological effects placing these stereo-types on you girls can have. Especially for adolescents who are inherently vulnerable, still trying to figure out both themselves - the world's perception of them play's a key role in developing their identity. Following in the footsteps of Dove's iconic beauty campaign, I hope we see more corporations playing their part in progressive advertising and efforts to reshape public perception of women - and, more importantly, their own self-perception!

Watch this absolutely brilliant social experiment to find out more.